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Mziko Mziko
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The details of this ethereal moth are extraordinary

Mziko Mziko
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The Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem, Israel · 1 month ago
Bar Refaeli fined, to do community service for tax evasion
The case centered on Refaeli's income that she earned abroad in the years 2009-2012 and the concealment of additional income and benefits that she received in Israel.
The Guardian UK
London, United Kingdom · 1 day ago
Planet of the apex: test your shark knowledge with our fin-tastic quiz
From shark heists to seafood scams, how much do you really know about these at-risk predators?What is the collective noun for sharks?A shiver of sharksA conspiracy of sharksA suit of sharksAn armoury of sharksWhich of these sharks is no fairytale?TrollElfGoblinLoch Ness Swell sharks can swallow water to make themselves appear bigger, and bark like a dog when lifted out of the water. They also give off an ethereal green glow: why?Toxic chemical spills have turned them greenThey eat a lot of bioluminescent planktonSo they can identify each other in the darkThey have faint genetic links to an alien species A celebrity great white shark known as Katherine, with 60,000 Twitter followers, works the waters off the North American coast. When she’s not breaking the internet (OK, the OCEARCH shark tracker site) with her location pings, she’s providing crucial learning about the mating habits of sexually mature great whites. How long is the gestation period for great white pups?18 months 3 months4 yearsNothing - they lay eggsWhich of these characters from JR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings has a shark namesake?SauronFrodoGandalfGollumWhich of the following is untrue about the song Baby Shark (YouTube views as of publication: 5.9bn)?It is a tried-and-tested song for setting the pace of CPRPeople have reported that listening to the song backwards reveals satanic messagesIt was sung at a protest in Lebanon to soothe a toddler in his mum’s carNo one knows who created (and can be blamed for) the original baby sharkThe mako shark is the ocean's fastest, able to swim as fast as 35mph. What unusual attribute contributes to its speed?It uses its fins in a propeller motionIt blows water backwards from its mouthIt builds speed by leaping out of the waterIt is partially warm-bloodedFrilled sharks are one of the oldest species of shark in the world – mysterious ocean bottom-dwellers that resemble a cross between an eel and a shark. When do experts estimate this species appeared?65 million years ago – around the time a mass extinction wiped out the dinosaurs25 million years ago – when apes diverged from old world monkeys95 million years ago – in the last portion of 'the age of dinosaurs'200 million years ago – when the supercontinent Pangea began to break upWhich shark takes cylindrical chunks of flesh out of its prey – often much larger sharks and whales?Cookie-cutter sharkGulper sharkSponge-sucker sharkLemon sharkWhat did Donald Trump once tweet about sharks?Every time I speak of sharks I do so with great love and affection. They cannot help the fact that they were born fucked up!Obama's wind turbines kill millions of sharks in sharknados every year. The Paris climate agreement hurts Americans, sharks, and costs a fortuneSharks are last on my list – other than perhaps the losers and haters of the World!Sharks only bite do-nothing Democrats! Swim faster LOSERS!What method of repelling sharks is being trialled in Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean?Magnets disguised as kelp'Scaresharks'– giant inflatable sharksNets baited with chumPlaying jazz underwaterThe tasselled wobbegong is often found on coral reefs or near the shore in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. What trick does it use to catch its food?Vigorously shakes its tassels to cause underwater waves to dislodge preyFilters fish and plankton through its open mouth as it movesSquirts a cloud of noxious gas to confuse its preyCamouflages itself as coral and wobbles its tail back and forth in a mesmerising dance to lure fishWhich of the following most accurately resembles how the skin of most sharks would feel under your hand?SilkLeatherSandpaperScalesMiss Helen, a female grey horn shark, was abducted from a US aquarium in 2018. How did they smuggle her out?Pretended she was a toy from the gift shopDressed her up as an employeeWheeled her out in a baby’s pramPretended to impound Miss Helen as evidence in a fake cocaine bustSharks are often caught as bycatch in the Mediterranean. According to the Italian coast guard and experts, what is shortfin mako or blue shark often fraudulently sold as?SwordfishCalamariChickenTunaWhat are the ampullae of Lorenzini?A species of shark found in the MediterraneanThe top sharks in a group that hunt togetherRoman shark godsThe system of electromagnetic receptors on a shark's snoutFish are friends (sometimes). There are many examples of sharks enjoying a gentler relationship with their surroundings than their reputation as mindless killers would suggest. Which of the following is untrue?Remora fish hitch rides on some shark speciesDolphins and sharks often work together to corner schools of fishSharks allow pilot fish to swim inside their mouths to pick food from their teethBonnethead sharks munch on seagrassWhat have scientists never seen a whale shark do?Give birthSurfaceChange directionFeedWhat great white shark mystery is concerning experts in Cape Town, South Africa?They found a skeleton of one on Table MountainThey've all disappearedThey’ve been propelling themselves on to beachesThey're eating the base of the harbour wallsIn May, customs officials made the biggest shark fin seizure in Hong Kong history: 26 tonnes, in two shipping containers from Ecuador. How many sharks were the fins taken from?50038,5002,00017,50020 and above.Congratulations – top sharking skills19 and above.Excellent shark skills. You are all about the apex18 and above.Excellent shark skills. You are all about the apex17 and above.Excellent shark skills. You are all about the apex16 and above.Excellent shark skills. You are all about the apex15 and above.Excellent shark skills. You are all about the apex14 and above.Excellent shark skills. You are all about the apex13 and above.Between a rock and a shark place. Just keep swimming – there’s more to learn12 and above.Between a rock and a shark place. Just keep swimming – there’s more to learn11 and above.Between a rock and a shark place. Just keep swimming – there’s more to learn10 and above.Between a rock and a shark place. Just keep swimming – there’s more to learn9 and above.Between a rock and a shark place. Just keep swimming – there’s more to learn8 and above.Between a rock and a shark place. Just keep swimming – there’s more to learn7 and above.Between a rock and a shark place. Just keep swimming – there’s more to learn6 and above.Your knowledge of sharks is as nonexistent as a sharknado5 and above.Your knowledge of sharks is as nonexistent as a sharknado4 and above.Your knowledge of sharks is as nonexistent as a sharknado3 and above.Your knowledge of sharks is as nonexistent as a sharknado2 and above.Your knowledge of sharks is as nonexistent as a sharknado0 and above.Your knowledge of sharks is as nonexistent as a sharknado1 and above.Your knowledge of sharks is as nonexistent as a sharknado Continue reading...#sharks#marine_life#environment#conservation #animals#wildlife#oceans
Giorgi Gvajaia
Tbilisi, Georgia · 1 year ago
მსოფლიო დეველოპერთა 2019 წლის ივნისის კონფერენციაზე(WWDC) Apple -მა ასევე წარმოადგინა 32 ინჩიანი რეტინა 6K რეზოლუციის მქონე Pro Display XDR, რომელსაც ასევე ანალოგი არ მოეპოვება. მისი ფასი 5000 აშშ დოლარს აღწევს. აღსანიშნავია, რომ ეკრანის ინოვაციური სადგამი ღეძი იძლევა დისპლეის ვერტიკალურ პოზიციაში გადაყვანის შესაძლებლობას, ის ცალკე გაიყიდება და 1000 აშშ დოლარი ეღირება. იხ. მეტი 👇🏻 ☑️ The first 32-inch Retina 6K display ever. Up to 1600 nits of brightness. An astonishing 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and superwide viewing angle. Over a billion colors presented with exceptional accuracy. And dynamic range that transforms the professional workflow. Introducing Apple Pro Display XDR, the world’s best pro display. Innovation in every layer. Every aspect of the light imaging system in Pro Display XDR is crucial to the overall quality of what you see onscreen. Each element builds on top of the last to create a display with unbelievable brightness and contrast. 576 blue LEDs work together. Typical LCDs are edge-lit by a strip of white LEDs. The 2D backlighting system in Pro Display XDR is unlike any other. It uses a superbright array of 576 blue LEDs that allows for unmatched light control compared with white LEDs. Twelve controllers rapidly modulate each LED so that areas of the screen can be incredibly bright while other areas are incredibly dark. All of this produces an extraordinary contrast that’s the foundation for XDR. Light is mixed and shaped. For even greater control of light, each LED is treated with a reflective layer, a highly customized lens, and a geometrically optimized reflector that are all unique to Pro Display XDR. Through a pioneering design, light is reflected, mixed, and shaped between two layers to minimize blooming and provide uniform lighting. Color is transformed. Converting blue light to white is a difficult process that requires extremely precise color conversion. It’s why most display makers use white LEDs. Pro Display XDR accomplishes this conversion with an expertly designed color transformation sheet made of hundreds of layers that control the light spectrum passing through them. Brightness is taken to the edge. Pro Display XDR extends exceptional image quality to the very edge. To ensure that LEDs along the sides of the display mix well with adjacent ones, a micro-lens array boosts light along the edges. This creates uniform color and brightness across the entire screen. One chip makes it all possible. With a massive amount of processing power, the timing controller (TCON) chip utilizes an algorithm specifically created to analyze and reproduce images. It controls LEDs at over 10 times the refresh rate of the LCD itself, reducing latency and blooming. It’s capable of multiple refresh rates for amazingly smooth playback. Managing both the LED array and LCD pixels, the TCON precisely directs light and color to bring your work to life with stunning accuracy. უფრო დეტალურად apple.com-ზე.
The Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem, Israel · 2 weeks ago
‘To learn from the best’
Netanyahu has extraordinary political skills and cunning, but is his survival proof that what he does is really something worth learning from?
Atlanta, United States · 2 weeks ago
Dolphins are learning smart fish-catching trick from peers, not mothers - CNN
Dolphins in Australia have been spotted trapping fish in huge conch shells. Scientists have discovered just how these dolphins learn to catch their prey in this extraordinary way — using their beaks to bring the shells to the surface and then shake the fish i…
The Guardian UK
London, United Kingdom · 2 days ago
Rise up: the best books about the power of protest
From Angela Davis on Black Lives Matter to indigenous climate activism, Neha Shah picks inspiring examples of international struggleThe same day that the youth of Bristol tore down the statue of Edward Colston, a crowd of 10,000 surrounded the statue of the barbaric King Léopold II in Brussels and raised the flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo above it.Since the killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has evolved into a truly global struggle, as protesters emphasise the intimate connections between racism and colonialism the world over and espouse a solidarity that cares for no borders. But the fight for justice has always been internationalist. Elaine Mokhtefi’s extraordinary memoir, Algiers, Third World Capital, takes us back to the 1960s, when the city was known as the “Mecca of revolution”. Here we find the vibrant legacies of liberation struggles and a vision for remaking the world, following groups such as the Black Panthers and South African freedom fighters through Algiers and beyond. Continue reading...#books#protest#culture
The Week UK
London, United Kingdom · 9 hours ago
Instant Opinion: Keir Starmer must offer more than ‘not being Jeremy Corbyn’
Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Monday 13 July Reaction The Week Staff Monday, July 13, 2020 - 2:20pm The Week’s daily round-up highlights the five best opinion pieces from across the British and international media, with excerpts from each. 1. Tom Harris in The Daily Telegraph on the first 100 days of the Labour leader After 100 days, Keir Starmer needs to offer voters more than ‘not being Jeremy Corbyn’ “The improvements he has made to his party’s – and his own – standing are real and important. That he has made mistakes along the way should hardly surprise anyone, although he needs to make fewer of them if he is to establish himself as a natural repository of anti-government support. Electorates have a nasty habit of making judgments about politicians in the very first few weeks of their tenure, and then refusing to reverse that judgment. The Covid lockdown may have given Starmer a longer period to bed in and might even allow him to have an effective relaunch on the other side of this crisis. From the perspective of a former member, Starmer represents a breath of fresh air for most Labour supporters after five fraught years. But a sense of relief won’t be enough for all those red wall voters, because – and I speak from experience – once you get out of the habit of voting Labour, it’s harder than you might expect to get back into it.” 2. Nesrine Malik in The Guardian in defence of those decried as ‘online mobs’ The ‘cancel culture’ war is really about old elites losing power in the social media age See related What is cancel culture? “Whenever I talk to people who are suddenly concerned about ‘cancel culture’ or ‘online mobs’, my first thought is always: ‘Where have you been for the last decade?’ I’ve been online long enough and, like many others, been receiving criticism and abuse online for long enough, to know that what some see as a new pattern of virtual censure by moral purists is mostly a story about the internet, not ideology or identity. If critics of ‘cancel culture’ are worried about opinions, posts and writings being constantly patrolled by a growing group of haters, then I am afraid they are extremely late to the party. I cannot remember a time where I have written or posted anything without thinking: ‘How many ways can this possibly be misconstrued, and can I defend it if it were?’ It’s not even a conscious thought process now, it’s instinct.” 3. Sean O’Grady in The Independent on the recovery of the British economy Forget global Britain - thanks to Brexit, coronavirus and a trade war with China, we’re losing our grip “There’s something heroic about Britain trying to chuck its weight around this way, and of course no one wants to do business with bullies and tyrants. But still, if the British economy is going to recover from the coronavirus-induced recession and go on to grow in the 2020s it will need its friends and its markets, and the British now seem to intent on blanking virtually everyone. The opportunities seem to be contracting rather than expanding. As everyone agrees, the UK is a great trading nation, and since before the industrial revolution has made its living from selling abroad, but the we don’t seem to be living up to the original hopes of ‘unleashing Britain’s potential’.” 4. John Prideaux, US editor of The Economist, in The Times on an abolitionist deserving of a pedestal A slavery statue we can all agree on: Frederick Douglass “On both sides of the Atlantic a great debate about statues is under way. So far the focus has mostly been on which lumps of bronze and marble should be removed by crane, or pushed into the harbour. There has been less discussion of what to do with all the empty plinths this creates. Yet putting up statues is fun. It is an opportunity to honour someone who should be universally admired and, therefore, to make a statement about what the society doing the putting up values. For those reasons Britain ought to have a statue of America’s greatest campaigner for the abolition of slavery, Frederick Douglass. Douglass had such an extraordinary life that the three autobiographies he wrote hardly seem sufficient.” 5. Nick Akerman, an assistant special prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, in The New York Times on the unfair fight set up for the special prosecutor Did Mueller Ever Stand a Chance Against Trump and Roger Stone? “From the start, Mr. Mueller was restrained by Justice Department regulations. He was barred, for example, from looking into the broader relationship between Mr. Trump and Russia through a review of Mr. Trump’s financial records and tax returns. Furthermore, according to the Mueller report, Mr. Trump made multiple attempts to fire the special counsel, and it is difficult, if not almost impossible, to conduct an investigation under those circumstances... Looking ahead, there needs to be a better mechanism in extraordinary circumstances - like Watergate and Russian interference in the 2016 election - that allows for the appointment of a truly independent special prosecutor. We were lucky to get the Mueller report, but Mr. Mueller was acting under restraints. Unfortunately history tells us that we will need special counsels in the years ahead, under extraordinary circumstances, and like we did with Watergate, that office should have true independence to protect our country and Constitution.” UK News US Russia Crime Science & Health Politics Society Law Keir Starmer Jeremy Corbyn Social media Boris Johnson Brexit slavery Donald Trump Russia US election 2016#world_news
The Guardian UK
London, United Kingdom · 2 days ago
The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty: we get it lads, it’s like Succession
The documentary looks into Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, his marriages and his squabbling heirs. Sound familiar?There is a quietly extraordinary moment about halfway through the first episode of The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty (Tuesday, 9pm, BBC Two), when Nigel Farage – who I am starting to feel convinced is less a real person than a concept, a tool invented by the BBC, kept captive in a cupboard deep within Broadcasting House and then, when it needs him, escorted out to the Newsnight stage and made to say something brief and inflammatory about Brexit – turns up. Related: The Guide: Staying In – sign up for our home entertainment tips Continue reading...#television#culture#television_&_radio
The Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem, Israel · 1 month ago
Hostels - Israel’s best kept secret
You don’t have to go overseas to gain exciting new experiences, meet extraordinary people and stay in unique places. You can do all of that here in Israel, on your back doorstep.
Kristi Tordia
Vienna, Austria · 1 year ago
Also, some extraordinary hospitality and food served in Schiestelhaus am Hochschwab👌🏻 great place to sleep, dine, wine and enjoy the view ❤️