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Mziko Mziko
Tavros · 4 months ago

That sense we know each other from another world

I will call it the other ..the original Earth

That sense we are there man and woman in unity we live that

It's that sense he can not harm me

He is a soul with wounds

I love and care all of them

I call it the program

I understand his feeling

Not be understood

Not seen for what he is

His feeling I know ...I am more than it looks like on the outside

Thats why my proud

It's my insecurity

Coz I know deep inside

I am not this body

This character and all with that

I know I will do anything

To discover all of that

What me hold back

No it's not true

The beast is back

It's only my experience I am going true

See you soon my love

We talk later

No Time exists it's all now

As we are connected

My song is you

As you know my song

My heart belongs to you

Anne Rebel Deborah..........its not to understand ...so pls don't ...it's only to feel or not

Mziko Mziko
Tavros · 4 months ago
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