SELLING SCOPOLAMINE Telegram: @scarfacedark01
New York · 1 month ago

SELLING SCOPOLAMINE Telegram: @scarfacedark01

Scopolamine was used to extract information

when ordinary torture did not help

In 1922, the local obstetrician of Dallas, Dr. House (Dr. Robert House) found that Scopolamine could help with the interrogation of suspects. Scopolamine was later used by Dr. House in this area. His experiment attracted the attention of the public and since then the drug has been

called the “truth serum”.

Scopolamine is one of the many drugs involved in the recently declassified CIA project. Better known as the “MK Ultra” Project.

In many "spy" films there are scenes when something is injected to an intractable spy, and he immediately begins to tell everything. In general, these are not fairy tales, such methods are used once by the special services.

The drug is primarily used by criminals as a way to make victims obedient. Under the influence of drugs, people helped the thieves to rob their own homes and reported data on bank accounts. There are also cases where women, after repeatedly entering drugs, became sex slaves. One of the interesting features of Scopolamine is total amnesia.

Scopolamine can be easily added to the victim’s drink or food because it has neither smell nor taste.It is also enough to spray him in the face and in a couple of minutes the victim turns into a zombie who is ready to do everything you tell him.

Be very careful not to accidentally succumb to the effects of the drug. It is necessary to work with the preparation only in gloves and when spraying insert cotton wool into the nose.


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New York · 1 month ago
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