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Marisha G
Berlin · 1 year ago

Rare sunny days 🙌🏻

Marisha G
Berlin · 1 year ago
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Marisha G
Berlin · 1 year ago
Giorgi Khvedelidze
Tbilisi · 1 week ago
A beautiful day in America, Atlanta
What a beautiful, sunny day. Enjoy you life :)
The Local Sweden
Stockholm · 1 day ago
Why is the weather so miserable in Sweden (and when will it get better)?
The Swedish summer got off to an unusually warm start, but since then temperatures have cooled down significantly and few days have gone by without at least one rain shower. When will the sunny weather return to Sweden?
Louis Matisse Anciaux
Cannes · 1 year ago
Cannes on a sunny day...😍
Zara Mcgrath
Antibes · 1 year ago
Nothing’s better than a nap on a sunny day 😊
Anna Kucher
Cannes · 1 year ago
Sunny days in Cannes
CBS News
Washington · 2 weeks ago
Triplets test positive for coronavirus on the day they're born - CBS News
The case in Mexico is not the first time newborns have tested positive for COVID-19, but it is rare.
Georgia Today
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
☝🏼”New York Times" publishes article about Lelo Burti 🏐👉🏼 "A Wine-Soaked Ball Unites a Georgian Village, but Only After Dividing It”, – this is the title of the article published by American edition “New York Times”. The author writes about tradition established in Guria village Shukhuti. The main characters of publication are the residents of the village. “Every spring in Shukhuti, a black leather ball is sewn together to play Lelo Burti, a brutally physical folk game. The winners carry it straight to the cemetery. Lelo Burti – a singular blend of a large-scale rugby match and an even larger street fight — that was once popular all around the region of Guria but is now only played here, once a year, on Orthodox Easter. 🏐 The ball is the only equipment and the eventual trophy. It is kept by the winning team and, immediately after the game, set down at the grave of their choice to honor that person’s memory”, – reads the article. According to the article, Lelo Burti was granted status as a “nonmaterial monument” of culture five years ago by the Georgian government. “But once the actual game begins there is little ceremonial about it. It is a living, breathing, brutal pastime. It arouses genuine passions and profound injuries. On game day, the village is split in two — Upper and Lower Shukhuti — and men from each half compete to carry the ball back to their side of town. Once that happens, the game ends. That is it. There are no boundaries, no limit to the number of participants, no real tactics, and almost no rules. Women are not prohibited from playing but rarely do. The game typically lasts a couple hours. Sometimes it rages long into the night. One year it took less than 20 minutes”, – notes author in the article.
The Washington Post
Washington · 1 month ago
Trump expected to sign executive order that could threaten punishment against Facebook, Google and Twitter over allegations of political bias - The Washington Post
The move comes two days after Twitter took the rare step of labeling one of the president’s tweets and linking viewers to news articles that fact-checked his claims.
Haaretz Com
Tel Aviv-Yafo · 2 weeks ago
Gardens at Christian monasteries are beguiling Israel's Jews
The country's 50-plus monasteries are increasingly the setting for a great day out, a rare boost to tourism during the coronavirus era. A new book shows why #israel_tourism#christians_and_jews#christianity