Georgia’s Anti-Vaxxer Sentiments in Numbers

ByfeedcNewsFrance5 Sep, 2021
The National Democratic Institute’s (NDI) December 2020 survey (published in January 2021) indicated more or less the same results: 41% of the population were ready to vaccinate themselves and their kids if the coronavirus vaccine existed, while 41% said they would not.
The IRI survey conducted in February also indicated more or less the same amount of anti-vaxxer sentiments among Georgians: 39% against the vaccine, 20% for the vaccine and 24% willing to get the jab after some time.
The IRI’s survey also indicated that Pfizer is still the most trusted vaccine among Georgians (trusted by 25% of respondents), followed by Sinopharm (8%), AstraZeneca (7%), Sinovac (4%) and Moderna (1%).
The survey data was collected through face-to-face interviews in respondents' homes. The sample consisted of 1, 500 permanent residents of Georgia aged 18 or older and eligible to vote, which is representatives of the general population by age, gender, region and settlement size.
ByfeedcNewsFrance5 Sep, 2021