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Without a doubt an amazingly gorgeous city #goodplaces #photo
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The city of Amersfoort hosted a MyMUN, a fun conference in a not so fun city #goodplaces #opinion #photo
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The absoulteley breathtaking Ishkhani Church
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A roadtrip that made me realise how truly beautiful Georgia is! ?
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Welcome to the city of love❤
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Birtvisi National Canyon: a nice place but almost impossible to find. Spent 30 mins looking for it and also took a long walk.
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Never have I seen a station as organized, as well-maintained, and as clean as this one. All trains are on time, competent personnel, hell of a lot things to do.
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Ristorante Bistrot: food was exquisite, so was the service; that being said the prices are quite high. Overall, I'd say you end up paying more for the entire experience than the actual food.
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A dream! The pistachio gelato at the cafe Principe. All the gelatoes there were great but this one was the best by far. Tastes of actual pistachios as opposed to the marzipany flavor of all its contenders. Basically- a must try!
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Following a fellow FeedC-ers recommendation, I checked out Gilli, the cafe adjacent to Paskowszki. The food was amazing (as expected), but exceptional praise goes to the service. The waiters were super nice. Another great experience in this beautiful city.
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