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გინდა რომ გაიხანგრძლივო ცხოვრება? იკითხე წიგნები
Yale უნივერსისეტის კვლევის შედეგად დადგინდა, რომ ადამიანები ვინც კითხულობენ კვირაში 3,5 საათზე მეტს, ცხოვრობენ ორი წლით ხანგრძლივ. კვლევაში მიიღო მონაწილეობა 3600 კაცმა 50 წლის ზემოთ და ის გრძელდებოდა 12 წლის განმავლობაში. Study by Yale university. Video by #WorldEconomicForum #bookclub
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გინდა რომ გაიხანგრძლივო ცხოვრება? იკითხე წიგნები
12-დან 14 ივ­ლი­სის ჩათ­ვლით, 10:00 სა­ა­თი­დან 19:00 სა­ა­თამ­დე სა­ვაჭ­რო- და ბიზ­ნეს­ცენ­ტრ „ქარ­ვას­ლა­ში“ გა­ი­მარ­თე­ბა წიგ­ნე­ბის გა­მო­ფე­ნა-გა­ყიდ­ვა, სა­დაც „აუ­თლეტ“ წიგ­ნებ­თან ერ­თად, გა­მომ­ცემ­ლო­ბა „პა­ლიტ­რა L-ის“ სხვა­დას­ხვა სე­რი­ე­ბიც დიდი ფას­დაკ­ლე­ბით იქ­ნე­ბა წარ­მოდ­გე­ნი­ლ
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Georgia ?? is the homeland of many talented writers. There were a few Georgian writers nominated for the most prestigious award in the world - Nobel Prize in literature. Here is the list of these great writers: Grigol Robakidze Merab Kostava (1978) Otar Chiladze (1998) Mzechabuk "Chabua" Amirej
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“Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success“ is a MUST read❗️for any marketer, entrepreneur, innovator or manger looking to replace big wasteful investments with more consistent, cost effective and data-driven results. Written by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown, the pio
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For a week Netherlands lets you take the train for free if you show a book instead of a ticket. Every year, a different Dutch author writes a special book for the Book Week. Everyone who spends more than €12.50 on Dutch books during the festival gets a free copy, which you can show on the train to
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Milan is planting a “library of trees” ?. Groups of trees will grow into natural rooms of different colors. The library will cover 92,000m2. It will be home to thousands of plant species. Milan has been going green for years. Two skyscrapers covered with plants were built in 2014. These vertical
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The world’s largest rare book & manuscript ? library has no windows - bus still allows sunlight in ☀️ The walls are made from thin marble pannels that filter daylight. The pannels let in just enough natural light to read without harming the books. The Beinecke library is on the Yale University Ca
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Books by women cost 45% less than those by men, according to a study of 2 million books. ?? So why are books by women cheaper? ? The researchers point out that women often write in genres that sell for less. Romance rather than science, for example. But even when these differences are accounted f
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