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Tomorrow Georgia will be presented at the Gastronómika festival in San Sebastián as the first country in wine-producing history.
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The sculpture called “La victoria” behind the yacht harbor in Marbella (which is considered to be Spain’s “Monaco”) is a work of the Georgian master Zurab Tsereteli. ?
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We are convinced each of us has to experience certain things at least once in our lives. Seeing Mona Lisa in Louvre is most definitely one of the “top 10 things you have to see before you die” - as they say. Turns out it’s not worth it and here’s why: to get to the masterpiece you have to stay in a
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...and the city which persuades you to look into each window ?
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White-front town (typical Southern Spanish feature) where, I guess, its dwellers compete in uniqueness of their front door colors, including the city hall (on the photo). ♥️
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The cutest Spanish grandpa ♥️
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ანსამბლი “ბასიანი” მადრიდში ♥️ სამწუხაროდ, ვერ დავაფიქსირე ის მომენტი, როდესაც წინა რიგებში მჯდომმა ორ ესპანელმა “გაღმერთების” ჟესტით (?) მიმართეს ანსამბლს მორიგი ფოლკლორული სიმღერის შესრულების შემდეგ. ✨
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Words ‘Vienna’ and ‘art’ (any kind) historically tend to be put along each other quite frequently. The Albertina Museum has proven this point since XVIII century from the times of being Maria Christina’s (Maria Theresa’s favorite daughter) residence. It houses one of the richest and largest collect
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გუშინ, საქართველოს დამოუკიდებლობის დღესთან დაკავშირებით, მადრიდის ისტორიულ უბანში მდებარე სასტუმრო "ვილა რეალის" ემბლემატური შენობა საქართველოს დროშის ფერებში განათდა ???
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ესპანეთიდანაც გილოცავთ საქართველოს დამოუკიდებლობის დღეს! ??♥️??
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