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Street food Chinese style Street barbecue #food
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He is very famous man in China. He's an handwriting expert. ? #art
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Beautiful Xi'an ? #photo #goodplaces
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After quarantine We are back ? let's hang out❤ Xiangyang, North street #goodplaces #photo
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Foggy day in Xyangyang. It looks like a horror movie ? Here are some pics ? #photo
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Today in Xiangyang ?? #photo #goodplaces
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რაღაც ქართული ტელევიზიების ვიშვიში არ მომხვედრია თვალში ვირუსთან დაკავშირებით, ჰოდა რა ხდება? მოვკვდით თუ გადავრჩით? ? დამილინკეთ რა თუ რამე გამომრჩა. პ.ს ჰოდა, ვისაც ინფორმაცია გაინტერესებთ, გუშინდელი მონაცემებით ვუჰანში დაფიქსირებული იყო 19 558 დაავადებული, დღეს ეს რიცხვი 30 042 -ია. როგო
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?? I tried so many meals in China, but my favourite is sweet and sour pork. I think nobody can make this kind of taste in the world. Chinese can cook fish very well, shrimps, lobsters. Mmm you must try it! ?? #food #opinion #photo Xiangyang
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加油 ?? We are standing beside you China! ❤?
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Hey guys! I am in Xiangyang, beautiful city in Hubei province. This is Moon park, I walked there 3 days ago. People looks so quiet, everyone wear masks. I hope all of you around me are good. Stay healthy! #photo #goodplaces
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