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Tini Dumbadze
Batumi · 1 year ago

Imagine all the people living life in peace...

Imagine, your next door neighbor invaded your house and took the rooms one by one, day by day. Imagine, your beloved ones are left behind the occupied rooms. It’s hard, right?

That’s what’s been happening in Georgia for many and many years. That happens when you are bounded by country such as Russia... families are divided with barbed-wire fences. It’s been years people haven’t seen their houses... The Creeping Occupation moves deeper and deeper...

20 % of my Country is Occupied by Russia!!!

#RussiaisanOccupier #StopRussianOccupation #რუსეთიოკუპანტია #არარუსულოკუპაციას #არარუსეთუმეებს


Tini Dumbadze
Batumi · 1 year ago
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