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Sali Okriashvili
Tbilisi · 1 year ago

Now that you’re an adult what do you wanna do with your life?


Sali Okriashvili
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
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Keso Bigvava
Tbilisi · 3 months ago
A letter to the UK from Italy: this is what we know about your future
The acclaimed Italian novelist Francesca Melandri, who has been under lockdown in Rome for almost three weeks due to the Covid-19 outbreak, has written a letter to fellow Europeans “from your future”, laying out the range of emotions people are likely to go through over the coming weeks. I am writing to you from Italy, which means I am writing from your future. We are now where you will be in a few days. The epidemic’s charts show us all entwined in a parallel dance. We are but a few steps ahead of you in the path of time, just like Wuhan was a few weeks ahead of us. We watch you as you behave just as we did. You hold the same arguments we did until a short time ago, between those who still say “it’s only a flu, why all the fuss?” and those who have already understood. Coronavirus: the week explained - sign up for our email newsletter Read more As we watch you from here, from your future, we know that many of you, as you were told to lock yourselves up into your homes, quoted Orwell, some even Hobbes. But soon you’ll be too busy for that. First of all, you’ll eat. Not just because it will be one of the few last things that you can still do. You’ll find dozens of social networking groups with tutorials on how to spend your free time in fruitful ways. You will join them all, then ignore them completely after a few days. You’ll pull apocalyptic literature out of your bookshelves, but will soon find you don’t really feel like reading any of it. You’ll eat again. You will not sleep well. You will ask yourselves what is happening to democracy. You’ll have an unstoppable online social life – on Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom… Advertisement You will miss your adult children like you never have before; the realisation that you have no idea when you will ever see them again will hit you like a punch in the chest. Old resentments and falling-outs will seem irrelevant. You will call people you had sworn never to talk to ever again, so as to ask them: “How are you doing?” Many women will be beaten in their homes. You will wonder what is happening to all those who can’t stay home because they don’t have one. You will feel vulnerable when going out shopping in the deserted streets, especially if you are a woman. You will ask yourselves if this is how societies collapse. Does it really happen so fast? You’ll block out these thoughts and when you get back home you’ll eat again. You will put on weight. You’ll look for online fitness training. You’ll laugh. You’ll laugh a lot. You’ll flaunt a gallows humour you never had before. Even people who’ve always taken everything dead seriously will contemplate the absurdity of life, of the universe and of it all. You will make appointments in the supermarket queues with your friends and lovers, so as to briefly see them in person, all the while abiding by the social distancing rules. You will count all the things you do not need. The true nature of the people around you will be revealed with total clarity. You will have confirmations and surprises. Literati who had been omnipresent in the news will disappear, their opinions suddenly irrelevant; some will take refuge in rationalisations which will be so totally lacking in empathy that people will stop listening to them. People whom you had overlooked, instead, will turn out to be reassuring, generous, reliable, pragmatic and clairvoyant. Those who invite you to see all this mess as an opportunity for planetary renewal will help you to put things in a larger perspective. You will also find them terribly annoying: nice, the planet is breathing better because of the halved CO2 emissions, but how will you pay your bills next month? You will not understand if witnessing the birth of a new world is more a grandiose or a miserable affair. You will play music from your windows and lawns. When you saw us singing opera from our balconies, you thought “ah, those Italians”. But we know you will sing uplifting songs to each other too. And when you blast I Will Survive from your windows, we’ll watch you and nod just like the people of Wuhan, who sung from their windows in February, nodded while watching us.#Many of you will fall asleep vowing that the very first thing you’ll do as soon as lockdown is over is file for divorce. Many children will be conceived. Your children will be schooled online. They’ll be horrible nuisances; they’ll give you joy. Elderly people will disobey you like rowdy teenagers: you’ll have to fight with them in order to forbid them from going out, to get infected and die. You will try not to think about the lonely deaths inside the ICU. You’ll want to cover with rose petals all medical workers’ steps. You will be told that society is united in a communal effort, that you are all in the same boat. It will be true. This experience will change for good how you perceive yourself as an individual part of a larger whole.#italyItaly
Fashion Folk Tales
Tbilisi · 1 month ago
“I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.”
10 Sex and the City quotes that prove Samantha Jones is the goddess of common sense No smoking in bars. What's next, no fucking in bars?” “I’m done with great love. I’m back to great lovers.” “I'm not going to find my orgasm in this town.” “I'm officially out of men to fuck. I have to get married or move.” “I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.” “I don't really believe in marriage; now Botox on the other hand, that works every time.” “That’s because gay men understand what’s important; clothes, compliments and cocks.” “The sense of power is such a turn on - maybe you’re on your knees, but you got him by the balls.” "We did it with him on top, me on top, me on my side, on his back, on his side, on his face. Have you ever done that? ... It is fabulous!” “The good ones screw you, the bad ones screw you, and the rest don't know how to screw you.”#samanthajones #sexandthecity #fashion Tbilisi
The Week UK
London · 13 hours ago
Instant Opinion: why was Britain last to ‘do the right thing’ on face masks?
Description Masked commuter in a near-deserted London Underground carriage Credits Getty Images Alt Text Tube, Underground, coronavirus Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Tuesday 14 July Reaction The Week Staff Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - 3:47pm The Week’s daily round-up highlights the five best opinion pieces from across the British and international media, with excerpts from each. 1. Sean O’Grady in The Independent on Britain being behind its neighbours... again Face masks make us all safer. So why was Britain, once again, the last to do the right thing? See related Do face masks protect against coronavirus? “There are downsides to this latest ruling from Boris Johnson that masks must be worn in shops, which are obvious. It makes social interaction weird, and it can feel a bit uncomfortable. But this is trivial compared with the role they play in reducing Covid-19 transmission rates, saving lives and boosting the economy. Like so much in this pandemic, it’s about individuals’ liberties being balanced against the impact on others. You can make your own mind up about the risks you take, but you should not make such judgements on behalf of others. Confidence is the key to restoring economic life: consumer confidence to spend, and business confidence to invest. If people feel safer (and indeed are safer) by wearing masks in shops, on public transport and in other indoor spaces, then the ruling will benefit us all.” 2. Hugo Rifkind in The Times on stomaching the risk of a commute What if we don’t want to go back to the office? “Masks, at any rate, aren’t going to get us back into offices. The question is, will anything? ‘Cultures are formed through shared working, which is in turn the basis of shared values,’ wrote Salma Shah for The Times yesterday, highlighting the eventual cost of us all staying at home. She was right. My trips to the office are to do with my new radio gig... but on a daily, newspaper basis I now work with formerly close colleagues whom I haven’t seen for four months. Our shared values, I hope, linger on but I do wonder whether, had we all always worked like this, they’d have been so easily forged in the first place. A bigger problem is the way that, as soon as vast numbers of people stop leaving the house, going to work and coming back again, often having bought at least a sandwich along the way, huge swathes of our cities simply cease to make any sense. Forgive my Londoncentricism, but parts of the capital paint the problem most starkly. Without tens of thousands of civil servants coming and going en route to Whitehall, Victoria looks like it has been hit by, well, a plague.” 3. Michelle Goldberg in The New York Times on Donald Trump’s pandemic incompetence In Some Countries, Normal Life Is Back. Not Here. “If you’re lucky enough to live in New Zealand, the coronavirus nightmare has been mostly over since June. After more than two weeks with no new cases, the government lifted almost all restrictions that month. The borders are still shut, but inside the country, normal life returned... And America? We had 68,241. As of last week, the worst per capita outbreak on the planet was in Arizona, followed by Florida. The world is closed to us; American passports were once coveted, but now only a few dozen nations will let us in. Lawrence O. Gostin, professor of global health law at Georgetown, told me he doesn’t expect American life to feel truly normal before summer 2022. Two years of our lives, stolen by Donald Trump.” 4. Mark Lowcock, UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, in The Daily Telegraph on a human tragedy more brutal than Covid’s health impacts The developing world faces a health, economic and security crisis that will dwarf the impact of Covid “Economic downturn, rising unemployment and reduced school attendance one year significantly increases the likelihood of civil war the next. Violent conflict drives famine and mass displacement. Based on current forecasts for food insecurity, refugee outflows could increase significantly. These problems might not be immediately apparent the way virus deaths are, but it is not hard to see that they are coming down the track. When they do materialise, it will be hard to explain why we did not act now. We can claim to have been taken by surprise by Covid-19, but we won’t be able to say the same of the development and security crises it is set to trigger. A call for money right now can be a difficult ask. But spending a little money now is a wise investment. It will save lives, protect decades of investment in development, and reduce the scale of the problems in the future.” 5. Dorothy Byrne, editor-at-large at Channel 4, in The Guardian on showing the truth about our past We can’t erase outdated TV shows, but we can hold their views to account “If much-loved characters in the past made homophobic comments or dressed up as people from other ethnic groups or pretended to be people who used wheelchairs, should we destroy that evidence of the social attitudes of the times? Cleaning up our past erases evidence of how views that we would now consider reprehensible were once normalised. Channel 4 is an anti-racist organisation with a particular remit to reach and reflect the lives of people from diverse backgrounds. But we are also committed to freedom of expression and being deliberately daring and controversial. There are bound to be moments when those principles come into conflict. There may be elements in our programmes which are so offensive that a public service broadcaster should not leave them on any platform.” UK News Europe US Middle East Africa South and Central Asia Media Science & Health Politics Society Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdown Donald Trump poverty Child Poverty#world_news
The Guardian UK
London · 20 hours ago
Brandy: ‘Music is my therapy. I don’t know what life would be without it’
At her 90s peak, the R&B star had her own sitcom and Barbie doll. Now she is back with a self-released album, and going her own wayWhen Brandy Norwood was 14 she went to see her idol Whitney Houston in concert. Stuck in the nosebleed seats, she decided to blag her way backstage at the end of the show. “I was just telling security: ‘I’m going to be a star someday, I’m going to pay all your bills if you just let me back,’” she says via Zoom, her trademark husky voice frayed slightly by final sessions for her new album, B7. Amazingly, the charm offensive worked, but Houston had already gone. “I was crushed,” she sighs. “My mom was like: ‘You’ll meet her when you put music out.’”That same year, 1993, Brandy signed to Atlantic Records. A year later, she released her Grammy-nominated, self-titled debut. By 1996, she was the star of the teen sitcom Moesha, and, in 1997, she was hand-picked by Houston to play the title role in a TV remake of Cinderella. “So I’m working with her side by side,” she says, eyes wide. “It’s just something that’s still surreal to this day.” Continue reading...#music#r&b#culture#pop_and_rock
Giorgi Gvajaia
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
Let people smoke, drink and eat red meat - Norwegian health minister😍 Read more:👇🏻 (BBC) Norway's newly appointed health minister has caused controversy by saying people should be allowed to eat, smoke and drink "as much as they want". Sylvi Listhaug also said smokers were made to feel like pariahs. A populist politician with anti-immigration views, she was appointed as the new health minister on Friday, a year after being forced to quit over a security row. Critics say she has little understanding of what public health is. 👉🏻 "My starting point for this with public health is very simple. I do not plan to be the moral police, and will not tell people how to live their lives, but I intend to help people get information that forms the basis for making choices," she told Norwegian broadcaster NRK in an interview on Monday. "People should be allowed to smoke, drink and eat as much red meat as much as they want. The authorities may like to inform, but people know pretty much what is healthy and what is not healthy, I think." 👉🏻 "I think many smokers feel like pariahs. So they almost feel they have to hide away, and I think that's stupid. Although smoking is not good, because it is harmful, adults have to decide for themselves what they do. "The only thing we as governments are to do is to provide information so that people can make informed choices. That is why we should, among other things, [devise] a tobacco strategy now, which will help prevent young people from starting to smoke and often want to make more adults quit." ——- I personally say - ❌No to paternalism❗️❗️❗️ Do you agree with me? If you do - please, upvote🔝 and share this post✌🏻
San Francisco · 1 month ago
The future ain’t what it used to be in first Bill & Ted Face the Music Trailer - TechCrunch
If there’s one lesson I’ve learned these last few months, it’s that life rarely works out as planned. One minute you’re the sole two members of the band whose music has been prophesied to heal the world and usher in a new era of peace, and the next you wake u…
Keso Bigvava
Tbilisi · 3 weeks ago
აქ და ახლა
აბსოლუტური, ნიუტონური დროის გარდა, ყველას საკუთარი დრო გვაქვს. მას შენვე ქმნი. HIC ET NUNC, აქ და ახლა - ეს ლათინური ტერმინი სტოელების მთავარ პრინციპს გამოხატავს. სტოელებისთვის ცხოვრების ყოველი დღე ახალი პასუხისმგებლობაა, ახალი გადაწყვეტილებებია, საკუთარ თავზე კონტროლის დაკარგვა, დროის გაფლანგვა მიუღებელია. სტოელების ამ პრინციპის მსგავსად, ბიბლია ამბობს - ვინც არ აგროვებს ქრისტესთვის, ის ფანტავს. ნამდვილ ფასეულობებზე დამყარებული ცხოვრება, ყოველი წუთის სიკეთისთვის გამოყენებაა - აქ და ახლა. და HIC ET NUNC - დროის გაუფლანგავად ცხოვრებას ნიშნავს. დრო ძალიან ცოტაა მათთვის, ვინც უკვე მიაგნო საკუთარ ნიჭს და მის გამოხატვას და განვითარებას ცდილობს. თუ ასე ცხოვრობ, ხედავ, რომ ამისთვის ხანდახან ერთი ცხოვრებაც არ კმარა. ყველაზე ბედნიერი კი მაშინ ხარ, როცა ყოველ წუთს მათ გამოკვებას უთმობ. სამყარო შეიძლება ვერ შეცვალო, მაგრამ საკუთარ თავს სძლიო და პატარა გამარჯვებები შენივე სამყაროში მოიპოვო. გამარჯვებები არასდროს იკარგება. ყოველი დღე საკუთარ ბაობაბებთან ბრძოლაა. ეგზიუპერის პატარა პრინცმა თავისი პატარა პლანეტა ყოველ დღე გულისყურით უნდა დაათვალიეროს და ცუდი თესლისგან, ბაობაბებისგან გაასუფთაოს. ის ხანდახან ვარდის ბუჩქს ჰგავს, მაგრამ როგორც კი ამოიცნობ, მისი პატარა ნერგები მაშინვე უნდა ამოძირკვო, რათა ყვავილები გაახარო. აწყმოს შეგრძნება მომენტის სილამაზის შეგრძნებაცაა. ხანდახან მას სულ არ ვაფასებთ, ვერც იმ სიხარულს, რაც ურთიერთობებს მოაქვს. „ცხოვრებაა ისაა, რაც შენს თავს მაშინ ხდება, როცა გეგმებს სახავდი“ (Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans) - თქვა ჯონ ლენონმა. ზოგჯერ ცხოვრება მართლაც ისაა, რაც შეუმჩნეველი დაგრჩა. ის მომენტები, რომლებიც აღარ მეორდება - ის, რაც არ გავაკეთეთ. ტოლსტოის „ომი და მშვიდობაში“ ანდრეი ბალკონსკი წუხს, რომ ცოლს საკმარისად არ აჩვენა სიყვარული. შეეძლო და არ გააკეთა. თუმცა, შეიძლება ამან რაღაც მოგცეს კიდეც და მომავალ ურთიერთობაში დაინახო ის, რამაც იქამდე შეუმჩნევლად ჩაგიარა. „იარეთ, სანამ სინათლეა“ - ეს ბიბლიური ფრაზაა. სანამ ენერგია გაქვს, გამოიყენე. მოგივა ფიქრი ან შთაგონება, მაშინვე ჩაავლე, ხელიდან არ გაუშვა. ის შეიძლება დიდხანს ან საერთოდ აღარ დაგიბრუნდეს. გაჰყევი შთაგონებას, ბოლომდე დაიხარჯე. ფანჯარა ცოტა ხანსაა ღია, მერე დაიხურება. #ლევანგიგინეიშვილი #აქდაახლა #ფრაზები #დღისრჩევა #პუბლიცისტი Tbilisi#ხელოვნება
Tata Kvara
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
“If you haven't yet decided where to spend your summer vacation, let me recommend visiting Georgia and give you just a few (out of MANY) reasons why: 1. It's cheap! Traveling here, especially with Dollars or Euros, you will feel like a king! to give you an example: a cab ride within most parts of the city center are around 2-3 Dollars! 2. It's beautiful and diverse! No matter what you are into: nature, hiking/camping, historical sights, if you love the mountains or the sea, vibrant city, or intimate village life, you can experience it all here! And since everything is so close, you don't have to choose! 3. The food and wine is amazing! If you make decisions with your stomach, well, this is the place for you. As the cradle of wine, you can taste over 8000 years of wine-making tradition, along with our diverse, delicious choice of traditional and fusion dishes. 4. If you love music and a good time: If you are into electronic music, love festivals and the club scene, well good news: Tbilisi is the New Berlin! Check out our world-renowned club Bassiani or attend the ECOWAVES Festival by the sea! 5. If you will go to great extents to capture that perfect Instagram pic, look no further! you will find thousands of picture perfect instagramable places to create your next, original story/post. 6. And last, but not least: If you like standing up to dictators and bullies and like being part of a good cause, if you believe in democracy and human rights and like rooting for the underdog: As you may have heard, 20% of Georgia has been occupied by Russia since the 2008 war. In the midst of rising tensions, Russian president Putin has blocked flights from Russia to Georgia with the aim of crippling our economy, which largely thrives on tourism, especially Russian tourists. By visiting Georgia you'll not only have a wonderful, memorable trip, but will succeed in fighting back an oppressive, backward, fucked up regime.” Please share to spread the word!
Giorgi Gvajaia
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
Robert De Niro calls Donald Trump a 'wannabe gangster'. Read more:👇🏻 Robert De Niro has criticised Donald Trump again, calling the US president a “total loser” and “wannabe gangster”. The actor has been involved in a long-running dispute with Trump, saying “fuck Trump” at the Tony awards last year. Trump responded by saying De Niro was “a very low IQ individual”. During an appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Friday, De Niro told the host he had tried giving Trump a chance. “That’s what I said right after he was elected. Give him a chance. I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. This guy has proven himself to be a total loser.” When Colbert asked De Niro why audiences were so enamoured with the gangster genre, he replied: “People like the outlaw type thing, except we have a wannabe gangster in the White House now.” De Niro also called Trump a dumbbell, saying: “Even gangsters have morals and they have ethics. They have a code and you know when you give somebody your word it’s your word because it’s all you have is your word. This guy, he doesn’t even know what that means.”
Телеграф Украина
Kyiv · 2 months ago
Продолжение будет: сценарий над сиквелом "Тусовщиков из супермаркета" завершен
Легенда гласит, что Уильям Шекспир написал трагедию "Король Лир" во время карантина, когда в Англии в очередной раз вспыхнула эпидемия бубонной чумы. Возможно, в разгар CODIV-19 тоже будет создан шедевр на века - речь о второй части "Тусовщиков из супермаркета". В прошлую пятницу Кевин Смит объявил, что он закончил сценарий под названием "Сумерки тусовщиков из супермаркета", по которому в будущем будет снят одноименный фильм. На своей странице в Instagram Смит выложил скриншот, на котором запечатлена титульная страница свежеиспеченного сценария. View this post on Instagram Thanks in part to the #Quarantine, I finally finished a funny first draft of “TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS”! 25 years after the original, Brodie Bruce will be back for an unnecessary sequel set against the Mallpocalypse! Rene, Willam, Gwen, Brandy, T.S., Trish, Mr. Svenning, LaFours and the rebooted @jayandsilentbob are the returning ‘Rats in an Askewniverse imagining about what happens when the sidewalk sales end, and “happily ever after” is easier to say than live! The #jayandsilentbob stuff is some of my favorite conceptual comedy I’ve ever written but the whole script is silly, sentimental and sweet. And at 98 pages, the story moves like a brakeless bullet train! It’ll be months before we can actually shoot it, but if you wanna know the backstory, I recorded an entire episode about “Twilight of the Mallrats” for my new podcast, “Silent Bob Speaks” - available at That Kevin Smith Club (link in my bio)! And now that *this* script is done, it’s on to a new draft of #moosejaws and then the first draft of the new version of #clerks3! #KevinSmith #mallrats #brodiebruce #twilightofthemallrats #movie #90s #screenplay #coverpage A post shared by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on Apr 23, 2020 at 6:06pm PDT Выйдет в срок, но когда 3 сезон - неизвестно: судьба сериала "Политик" К этому режиссер добавил обширное сообщение: "Отчасти благодаря карантину я наконец закончил веселый первый черновик сценария "Сумерек тусовщиков из супермаркета". Спустя 25 лет после выхода оригинала Броди Брюс вернется в необязательном сиквеле, в котором ему предстоит столкнуться с супермаркетапокалипсисом! Рене, Уильям, Гвен, Брэнди, Ти Эс, Триш, мистер Свеннинг, ЛаФур и перезапущенные Джей и Молчаливый Боб вернутся в Askewniverse, разбираясь, что произойдет, когда распродажи закончатся, и окажется, что "долго и счастливо" легче сказать, чем прожить! Из написанных мною концептуальных комедий приключения с Джеем и Молчаливым Бобом - моя любимая, хотя новый сценарий получился глупым, сентиментальным и милым. На протяжении 98 страниц история движется, как скоростной экспресс без тормозов!" Смит добавил, что приступить к съемкам в ближайшее время не получится, но пока режиссер предложил послушать новый выпуск его подкаста "Молчаливый Боб говорит", в котором он рассказал о предыстории "Сумерек тусовщиков из супермаркета". При этом Смит отдыхать пока не собирается, сообщив, что теперь он возьмется за "новый черновик "Лосиных челюстей" и первый черновик новой версии "Клерков 3".