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რას გვეუბნება ცნობილი თრეველ ბლოგერი ნორმედიკ მეთი კორონავირუსის დროს მოგზაურობაზე
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Travel With Me
Kutaisi · 1 month ago

იხილე მისი სტატია

For the first time since probably World War II, travel — an industry that relies on human movement and employs 10% of the global workforce — completely stopped.Now, as COVID-19 recedes in some places, many countries are slowly starting to reopen to tourists.While I personally think it’s still best to wait a little longer before taking an international trip, that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking at the current situation to get a sense of how we can best plan our future trips.There are a lot of variables and everything is still changing.And that creates a lot of questions.How do you know which countries are open? How do we find out new visitation rules? Will travel insurance apply during the pandemic? What is flying going to be like? Are hotels and hostels safe? What attractions are open?To help you figure out what to do and where to find information, I created this post to get the ball rolling. (Note: This post will be updated as more information becomes available.)

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Travel With Me
Kutaisi · 1 month ago
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