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David Gvritishvili
Magnetiti · 10 months ago

Last night..

David Gvritishvili
Magnetiti · 10 months ago
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David Gvritishvili
Magnetiti · 10 months ago
Giorgi Gvajaia
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
Nasa to open International Space Station to tourists👉🏻 მე, 1 დოლარადაც არ შემიძლია🥴 ვინმემ მომიყევით მერე შთაბეჭდილებები✌🏻 Nasa is to allow tourists to visit the International Space Station from 2020, priced at $35,000 (£27,500) per night. The US space agency said it would open the orbiting station to tourism and other business ventures. There will be up to two short private astronaut missions per year, said Robyn Gatens, the deputy director of the ISS. Nasa said that private astronauts would be permitted to travel to the ISS for up to 30 days, travelling on US spacecraft. "Nasa is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we've never done before," chief financial officer Jeff DeWit said in New York. Nasa said that private commercial entities would be responsible for determining crew composition and ensuring that the private astronauts meet the medical and training requirements for spaceflight. The two companies hired by Nasa are Elon Musk's SpaceX, which will use its Dragon capsule, and Boeing, which is building a spacecraft called the Starliner. These companies are likely to charge any private astronaut a similar "taxi fare" to what they intend to charge Nasa for its astronauts - close to $60m per flight. Nasa had previously banned any commercial use of the space station and prohibited astronauts from taking part in for-profit research. Nasa does not own the station however - it was built, beginning in 1998, with Russia, which has taken a more relaxed approach in recent decades to commerce. In 2001, US businessman Dennis Tito became the first tourist to visit when he paid Russia around $20 million for a round trip. Nasa's announcement on Friday is part of a move towards full privatisation of the ISS. US President Donald Trump published a budget last year which called for the station to be defunded by the government by 2025. The space agency recently announced that it planned to return to the moon by 2024, taking the first woman there and the first person in decades.
Georgia Today
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
☝🏼”New York Times" publishes article about Lelo Burti 🏐👉🏼 "A Wine-Soaked Ball Unites a Georgian Village, but Only After Dividing It”, – this is the title of the article published by American edition “New York Times”. The author writes about tradition established in Guria village Shukhuti. The main characters of publication are the residents of the village. “Every spring in Shukhuti, a black leather ball is sewn together to play Lelo Burti, a brutally physical folk game. The winners carry it straight to the cemetery. Lelo Burti – a singular blend of a large-scale rugby match and an even larger street fight — that was once popular all around the region of Guria but is now only played here, once a year, on Orthodox Easter. 🏐 The ball is the only equipment and the eventual trophy. It is kept by the winning team and, immediately after the game, set down at the grave of their choice to honor that person’s memory”, – reads the article. According to the article, Lelo Burti was granted status as a “nonmaterial monument” of culture five years ago by the Georgian government. “But once the actual game begins there is little ceremonial about it. It is a living, breathing, brutal pastime. It arouses genuine passions and profound injuries. On game day, the village is split in two — Upper and Lower Shukhuti — and men from each half compete to carry the ball back to their side of town. Once that happens, the game ends. That is it. There are no boundaries, no limit to the number of participants, no real tactics, and almost no rules. Women are not prohibited from playing but rarely do. The game typically lasts a couple hours. Sometimes it rages long into the night. One year it took less than 20 minutes”, – notes author in the article.
Ninutsa Laskhishvili
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
About last night🔙💥
Fox News
New York · 1 week ago
Father of CHOP shooting victim speaks out in emotional 'Hannity' interview: 'All I know is my son is dead' - Fox News
Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr., the father of a 19-year-old black man who was shot and killed last month inside Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) publically pleaded for answers on "Hannity" Wednesday night, saying police and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durk…
The Guardian UK
London · 3 days ago
Let a jury decide what content should appear on social media
As we can’t trust the bosses of the digital giants, why not ask ordinary people to evaluate ads? One of the most instructive experiences of my life was serving as a juror in a criminal trial. When the summons to report for jury service arrived, though, I was anything but enthusiastic. I was bringing up two young children on my own at the time and the last thing I needed was to be locked down for an unknown number of days. So I headed into the crown court feeling pretty glum.The trial was a serious one: the charge was of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. It went on for two weeks. A number of witnesses gave evidence, much of which seemed (to me) unconvincing, sometimes contradictory, occasionally horrifying. We learned more about what goes on at night in an economically depressed East Anglian town than is good for anyone. And then, when the lawyers and the judge had summed up, we retired to reach a verdict. Continue reading... #social_media#facebook#twitter#technology#digital_media#internet #social_networking
Daily Mail
London · 1 day ago
Revellers throw punches and chairs during brawl at a City of London rooftop bar with eight arrested
The brawl which saw revellers battle it out six floors above central London streets, took place at Madison roof top bar in the financial district of St Paul's last night. Several were injured, said police.
Atlanta · 1 month ago
Biden visits protest site in Delaware hometown - CNN
Joe Biden left his home Sunday afternoon amid the coronavirus pandemic to visit the site of last night's protests in Wilmington, Delaware, according to posts on the presumptive Democratic nominee's social media accounts.
The Washington Post
Washington · 3 weeks ago
One brother was found hanging last week. On Wednesday, another was fatally shot by sheriff’s deputies. - Washington Post
The half-brother of Robert Fuller, a 24-year-old black man found hanging from a tree in Southern California last week, was killed in a deputy-involved shooting Wednesday, officials said.
The Guardian UK
London · 2 hours ago
Tucker Carlson announces vacation after writer resigns over racist remarks
Fox News host also said ex-writer Blake Neff’s comments were ‘wrong’ but that he paid a ‘very heavy price’The Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded to the resignation of senior writer Blake Neff on Monday night, saying racist and misogynistic comments Neff made on an online forum were “wrong”, but adding that the writer had paid a “very heavy price”.Carlson also said he was taking a “long-planned” vacation. He did not say it was connected to Neff’s resignation, which was announced last week after a CNN investigation found that he had written on the online forum under a pseudonym for years. Continue reading... #fox_news#media#tv_news#us_news