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How to look beautiful without wearing makeup
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Fashion Folk Tales
Tbilisi · 4 weeks ago

1. Be sure to remove your makeup the night before: When I go to bed with my makeup on my skin looks dryer in the morning. My favorite cleanser is a jelly cleanser by Drunk Elephant.2. Work out: Even if it’s short and sweet. The flush and redness that comes with working out brings a natural blush to the face.3. Exfoliate: I always do it before work. It’s important to remove dead skin and bring blood to the surface. I love the Summer Friday’s Exfoliating Mask but I also make my own sugar scrub with olive oil and use it all over my body, face and mouth.4. Brush your lips: I use my toothbrush to really bring the blood to the surface and make your lips look fuller and a little pinker.5. Lip Balm: I use an Aquaphorm one. Lip balm is so important to rocking the no makeup look.6. Antioxidant Serums: Serums are crucial – I love any sort of antioxidant by my favorite is a vitamin C serum by Ceutical, it helps to even my skin tone and make my skin glow. I mix it with an oil, such as rosehip. Another serum I love is Plankton Elixir by Biotherm, it’s regenerating and super moisturizing.

7. Moisturize: Again, crucial. I use Lifeplankton Sensitive Emulsion as its really hydrating. I always take this on the plane.8. Find a retinol that works for you: I use a prescription one, but you can buy them over the counter too. I feel like this really shrinks my pores and helps with anti-aging.9. Curl your eyelashes: It opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake, even if you’re not wearing mascara.10. Brush up your eyebrows: We want our brows looking as full as possible. I sometimes put hairspray on the end of the brush to fix mine.


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Fashion Folk Tales
Tbilisi · 4 weeks ago
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