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Georgia Today
Tsalenjikha · 1 year ago

?❗️ Ukrainian Woman Arrested in Georgia and Suspected of Child Trafficking

? The police has arrested a 37-year-old Ukrainian woman who was going to Abkhazia. The police discovered that four of her ten children were born in 2017. An order of separating the mother from the children has been decided after witnesses certified she had been aggressive towards the kids. Some scientific tests are also being realized to determine if the woman actually has biological links with some of the children. The 2 oldest children are still in a medical center while the 8 young kids have been placed in the Social Service Agency institutions.

❗️Her lawyer, Zurab Todua said, that she and her husband, who is a ‘well-known Ukrainian businessman’, had to leave Ukraine ‘due to conditions that the former Ukrainian president put them into’. He said they had to flee to Georgia and in Abkhazia because they had been deported from Russia.

The women can face between 14 to 17 years of imprisonment.

Georgia Today
Tsalenjikha · 1 year ago
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