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Taxi drivers in Tbilisi
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Camila Fleur
Tbilisi · 5 months ago

One of the mysterious things in Tbilisi is taxi at night. Right after 00:00 like the famous pumpkin-to-be carriage from famous fairy tale, taxis turn into the futuristic vehicle and if you get in it for some minutes you’ll definitely lose reality.

Drivers change their playlist immediately and all you listen to is ambient and all kinds of weird melodies ever created.

Then mysterious silence is usually broken by the driver himself, who asks unanswered questions and if you don’t respond he will answers them all by himself with interesting theories

All in all after this sentimental journey you feel that there definitely exists the god, because who else would create as interesting characters as taxi drivers are.

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Camila Fleur
Tbilisi · 5 months ago
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