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Sandro Antidze
Tbilisi · 1 year ago

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Sandro Antidze
Tbilisi · 1 year ago
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Dmytro Nikolaiev
Dnipro · 4 months ago
My love ❤️ #photo #funny #doglovers #puppy #pug
Dmytro Nikolaiev
Dnipro · 4 months ago
#goodplaces #photo #funny #dreams #likesleeping #puppy #pug #dog #doglovers Dnipro Ukraine
Tinii Gabrichidze
Tbilisi · 4 months ago
Puppies #photo
Tbilisi · 2 weeks ago
Which paintings describe our reality today
Posting this in response to My Vision 's recent post (link below) on which paintings represent our reality today. Paintings by Pawel Kaczynski For me these are the paintings that describe several thought-provoking messages about the world today. About the artist Pawel Kaczynski is considered one of the most influential contemporary artists in his genre and has received more than 100 awards and distinctions. Here you can discover his works.#art #ხელოვნება #paintings
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Step-by-step guide on how to train your Goldendoodle puppy
Hello fellas, nice to have you here on our Goldendoodle blog page! Today we will be talking about how pet owners can train and groom their cute canine friends into the smart-ass creature they’re alwa
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Britain is falling out of love with the Great Dane as it starts to favour smaller breeds
The Kennel Club of Great Britain released new statistics on the number of Great Dane puppies to coincide with the release of the new Scooby Doo movie - Scoob!
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Mayor of Kharagauli Municipality Resigns
Nikoloz Topuridze, Mayor of Kharagauli Municipality in Georgia’s western Imereti region, has announced about his decision to resign, noting that he remains in the governing Georgian Dream party. Topuridze wrote on his Facebook page that he had made the decision several months ago, but stayed on the post upon the request of the governor and …#news#mayor
Keso Bigvava
Tbilisi · 1 month ago
JK Rowling Finally Sets The Record Straight About The Inspiration Behind Key Harry Potter Locations
Ever since JK Rowling first published her account of the “boy who lived”, theories about the inspirations for Harry Potter – and the magical world he inhabits – have abounded. Cafés and landmarks everywhere from Scotland to Portugal display signs claiming to have played host to the author while she wrote the novels – or, more boldly, to be the basis for the likes of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and Hogsmeade. Fortunately, one muggle plucked up the courage to ask Rowling about it on Twitter, and she obliged with a lengthy response. “If you define the birthplace of Harry Potter as the moment when I had the initial idea, then it was a Manchester-London train,” she wrote. “But I’m perennially amused by the idea that Hogwarts was directly inspired by beautiful places I saw or visited, because it’s so far from the truth.” She then contradicted assertions that she had used a 14th-century street known as the Shambles in York as a model for Diagon Alley, and that any of Edinburgh’s landmarks really shaped her conception of Hogwarts. “A truthful tour of HP ‘inspirations’ would involve a stationery guide pointing a stick at a picture of my head, which would be zero fun and nobody would buy tickets,” she quipped. “If I’d genuinely been inspired by every old building, creepy alleyway, pub, graveyard and underpass that’s claimed, I’d have spent my late twenties on a non-stop road trip between locations, and I promise I didn’t. I was mostly sitting in places I could get a cheap coffee/could afford the rent and making it all up.” As for where she wrote the first lines of The Philosopher’s Stone? “The first bricks of Hogwarts were laid in a flat in Clapham Junction,” she revealed, along with a photograph of the building where she was “renting a room” over “what was then a sports shop”. Slightly more romantically, she penned the chapter in which Harry gets his first wand from Ollivanders under a tree – even posting a photograph of it, although she neglected to reveal its exact location. “I can’t absolutely guarantee they haven’t taken away the old tree & planted a new one in the same corner of the field. I haven’t been there for nearly 30 years. But I think it’s this one.” #harrypotter #jkrowling #hpfuns #harrypottermovies Tbilisi
Fashion Folk Tales
Tbilisi · 1 month ago
“I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.”
10 Sex and the City quotes that prove Samantha Jones is the goddess of common sense No smoking in bars. What's next, no fucking in bars?” “I’m done with great love. I’m back to great lovers.” “I'm not going to find my orgasm in this town.” “I'm officially out of men to fuck. I have to get married or move.” “I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.” “I don't really believe in marriage; now Botox on the other hand, that works every time.” “That’s because gay men understand what’s important; clothes, compliments and cocks.” “The sense of power is such a turn on - maybe you’re on your knees, but you got him by the balls.” "We did it with him on top, me on top, me on my side, on his back, on his side, on his face. Have you ever done that? ... It is fabulous!” “The good ones screw you, the bad ones screw you, and the rest don't know how to screw you.”#samanthajones #sexandthecity #fashion Tbilisi
Artists Voyage
Tbilisi · 1 month ago
“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
On that story, the little prince, fell in love instantly with a rose in his asteroid. The little prince care so much to the rose. The rose with its thorns seems defenseless and susceptible- and yet, she shows off her thorns and puts on a superior attitude. But the rose’s vanity and demands cause the heartbreak of the little prince. And thus, he decided to leave its asteroid and the rose. “She cast her fragrance and her radiance over me. I ought never to have run away from her… I ought to have guessed all the affection that lay behind her poor little stratagems. Flowers are so inconsistent! But I was too young to know how to love her…” Just before the prince leaves, the rose said to it’s prince : “Of course I love you,” the flower said to him. “It is my fault that you have not known it all the while. That is of no importance. But you — you have been just as foolish as I. Try to be happy…” On his voyage to the earth, he come across a huge rose garden, and he realised that his roses were not the only one in the universe. “There might be millions of roses in the whole world, but you’re my only one, unique rose.” On the movie adaptation, the rose is the reason why the prince come back to its asteroid even though it’s too late that the rose has dead. “. . . One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes. . . . It’s the time that you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important. . . . You become responsible for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose. . . .” The story was telling a beautiful story of love. As the rose, we may take the love that’s being given as granted, and thus, we forgot to ’taking care’ of the love itself. And as a little prince, we may need to go around the world to realise that our rose is the only one because ‘anything essential is invisible to the eyes…’ Even though the rose is being portrayed in the story as a vain, foolish, frail, and naïve creature, the little prince loves that rose. Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.#littleprince #rose #fox #art #love Tbilisi