Georgian doctors save coronavirus patient with 3% chance of survival
Keso Bigvava
Tbilisi · 5 months ago

A patient who was in critical condition with underlying chronic diseases has recovered from a brush with COVID-19 and will be discharged from the First University Clinic today, said Levan Ratiani, the director of the clinic.

The woman was transferred to our clinic with acute pneumonia and respiratory failure. Also, she had hypertension and heart failure”, said Ratiani.

Ratiani added that in such severe health conditions, the fatality rate is 97 per cent, though with the help of doctors, the patient recovered and will leave the hospital on the 14th day.

The cured patient will be in self-isolation for the next couple of weeks in line with the recommendation introduced by the World Health Organization.

Currently, 83 patients remain in the First University Clinic out of which 19 are infected with COVID-19 and the rest are under medical supervision.

The number of coronavirus cases has reached 115 in Georgia, including 22 patients who have recovered.

5,106 are under quarantine in Georgia and 294 others are in hospitals.

Keso Bigvava
Tbilisi · 5 months ago
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