You Should Try The Qari Scooters

ByNico Kvara1 May, 2021
I’ve been using the Qari scooters for a month now. I stopped using my car almost entirely. The traffic in Tbilisi is insane, it makes driving a car a not so pleasant experience. Qari scooters are super fun, are easy to drive, park and most importantly they help you skip the traffic.
To start using them; All you have to do is get the Qari app and find the nearest scooter. Then you add your credit card, scan the bar code and you are ready to go.
In case you are wondering about safety; It's safe depending on where you ride. I usually ride on Chavchavadze Avenue and since you are allowed to ride on the bike lanes it's safe.
You can find the two helmets in the back compartment of the scooter.
Here is their website.
ByNico Kvara1 May, 2021