Reinventing the "Window to Everything on the Internet"

ByNico Kvara2 May, 2021

Lot's of New Browsers are Being Built

What is a browser? Browser is simply a "window to everything on the internet". Browsers significantly impact our experience of browsing the internet in many ways.
Right now there are numerous companies with brilliant teams working on browsers. They are reinventing the window that enables us to explore the internet. It is phenomenal, I am very happy that this is happening.
However, when going through their landing pages its clear they are mostly focused on desktop devices and on insignificant issues. I still wish that more of them would focus on this specific issue that I will describe below.
Our team had to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Mac for a very simple reason. Our goal was to deliver a flawless experience to every user that interacted with our apps. We believed that having users interact with our apps through the browser considering the limitations wouldn't be the best experience for the iOS or Android users. These limitations both visual and technical leave us hoping for something better.
I truly believe that this problem needs to be solved. I would love to have a browser that makes you forget about itself and simply acts as a window for interacting with applications on the web that feel as native apps.
ByNico Kvara2 May, 2021