About IBM's Artificial Intelligence practitioner course

ByAnnaGeorgia2 May, 2021
Today I finished my 75 hour Artificial Intelligence Practitioner course offered as a part of IBM's Global University program. It is a fascinating and in depth course on AI. It explores topics and technology required to gain practice in the successful application of Artificial Intelligence. 
My best part is doing labs using IBM's products. Throughout the 6 labs you have an opportunity to use low-code cloud-based AI tools and pre-built machine learning algorithms. 

Using IBM's Cloud products during the course

Using Discovery analyze any kind of data, enrich it by emotion analysis, relation extraction and etc. 
Using Watson Assistant you will build an assistant and integrate it as a chat widget.
Use IBM Watson Studio. Work with Python in Jupiter Notebooks.
Use Watson OpenScale to track and measure outcomes from AI models, and help ensure they remain fair.
Practice using other services such as IBM AutoAI and IBM Cloud Object Storage

Topics Covered

1. Artificial Intelligence Landscape
2. AI Industry Adoption
3. Natural Language Understanding (NPL) and Virtual Agents
4. Computer Vision
5. Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
6. Future Trends for AI

Receiving an IBM certificate of AI practitioner

For me this course was a part of my university program. After completion and passing an exam provided by IBM, you are able to get an AI practitioners badge and a certificate of completion.
This could be a good addition to your CV if you are just starting out.
ByAnnaGeorgia2 May, 2021