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Diana, Princess of Wales, Rihanna or Kate Moss: who wore the revenge dress best?
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Tbilisi · 2 months ago

Diana, Princess of Wales, November 1994 The press was left open-mouthed when Diana, Princess of Wales went to a party at the Serpentine Gallery in this jaw-dropping black mini dress, in the middle of the media storm that followed her separation from Prince Charles. The shoulder-baring black cocktail dress was widely hailed as the first ever revenge dress and represented a sartorial fist pump for post break-up women everywhere.

Rihanna at her third Diamond Ball, September 2017 Strictly speaking, this might not be a revenge dress, but Rihanna’s Ralph & Russo gown played direct homage to Diana, Princess of Wales. As she elaborated to Vogue Paris in the Christmas 2017 issue: “Every time a man cheats on you or treats you badly, you need a revenge dress. Every woman knows that. But whether her choice of this knockdown dress was conscious or not, I am touched by the idea that even Princess Diana could suffer like any ordinary woman. This Diana Bad Bitch moment blew me away.”

Kate Moss, September 2007 After a tumultuous two-year relationship, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty finally separated in 2007. The model looked radiant in a vintage Dior silk gown for her first red carpet appearance since their split, making a case for low-key break-up elegance.

Gigi Hadid, November 2015 Gigi Hadid and musician Joe Jonas separated just a few months after they had met. When she appeared at the American Music Awards shortly afterwards, Gigi walked the red carpet in a bold white crop top and split skirt, with her hair in a faux bob. Never has Gabrielle Chanel been more more right: "A woman who cuts her hair, is a woman who is preparing to change her life.”

Bella Hadid, November 2016 Bella Hadid and The Weeknd found themselves back together on the runway just a few weeks after their break-up, for Victoria's Secret 2016 in Paris. With nothing more than a quick glance for her ex on-stage, the model chose super sexy Julien Macdonald for the after-party.

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Fashion Folk Tales
Tbilisi · 2 months ago
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