European Georgia accuses ruling team of pre-election pressure and persecution in Terjola

ByfeedcNewsGeorgia5 Sep, 2021
Gigi Tsereteli, Chairman of the Political Council of European Georgia, accuses the ruling team of pre-election pressure and persecution in Terjola.
According to him, the political persecution was carried out in Terjola municipality.
"After the head of the youth center of the municipality, Rusudan Kovziridze, decided to cooperate with the party, a political assault was launched against her. At the first stage, the so-called advisers met with Mrs. Rusudan Kovziridze, advising her to cut ties with the opposition party, after the refusal, political persecution began against her. When she was on her leave, being infected with coronavirus, the audit service entered the center and demanded the transfer of the document from the supervisor. Rusudan Kovziridze told the audit that she was in isolation, but the audit service forced her to come to the facility. That is why on the sixth day of the isolation, Rusudan Kovziridze had to come to the center, after she got a negative PCR test result, during this time the law enforcers came to her and fined her 2000 GEL for violating the isolation rule", - Tsereteli said.
As he explained, this is a political fine and the "Georgian Dream" has started pre-election persecution in Imereti as well as in the whole country.
ByfeedcNewsGeorgia5 Sep, 2021