Instagrammable Spot: Kalantarov House

The mansion of merchant Mikhail Kalantarov, located on Machabeli Street 17, is considered one of the most beautiful houses in Tbilisi. The building was constructed in 1908, and the talented Armenian figure Lazar Sargsyan worked on its architecture. The appearance of the mansion resembles an Opera and Ballet Theater, it is built in a neo-Moorish style.
Kalantarov's house has two front doors: the first is located from Machabeli Street, and the second is from Asatiani Street. Both entrances are closed, but locals often go to meet tourists and let them see the interior of the mansion. The combination of Spanish art and Berber motifs amazes the eye. The preserved marble railing, lace lipinina on the mirror and an old fireplace look especially beautiful.
On the ground floor of the building there is an art club for creative people β€œPirosmani”, and majestic cypresses grow in the courtyard of the house. A legend is connected with them: a cypress tree was planted in the Kalantarov family for the birth of a child, so their number reached six. Nowadays there are only two trees left, the rest were cut down because of the need to strengthen the house.
πŸ“ 17 Machabeli Str.