The European Union deeply regrets that the Georgian Parliament decided to override the President's veto on the law on transparency of foreign influence, and to disregard the Venice Commission's detailed legal arguments leading to a clear recommendation to repeal this law.
The EU has stressed repeatedly that the law adopted by the Georgian Parliament goes against EU core principles and values. Its enactment leads to a backsliding on at least three out of the nine steps (on disinformation; on polarisation; on fundamental rights and involvement of Civil Society Organisations) set out in the Commission's recommendation for candidate status endorsed by EU leaders and will negatively impact Georgia's EU path.
Beyond the law on transparency of foreign influence, there has been so far insufficient political attention mobilised to progress substantially on the nine steps.
We urge the Georgian authorities to reverse this trend and to return firmly on the EU path. There is still time to change the dynamics – but a strong commitment by the governing authorities is needed.
The EU and its Member States are considering all options to react to these developments.
We continue to stand with the Georgian people and recognise the choice of overwhelming majority of them for a European future for their country.
– Statement by the High Representative with the European Commission on the final adoption of the law on transparency of foreign influence in Georgia